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Foundry Tobacco Company: Sneak Peek 2014 (Video)

General Cigar’s Michael Giannini took a few moments to talk to us about what to expect in 2014 from Foundry Tobacco Co. From rare vintage seeds to Martian tobacco, there’s plenty to be excited about coming out of Foundry this year.
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So for this year’s release 2014, Foundry Tobacco Company is doing something very, very different and unique. I’m going to tell the story of Foundry Tobacco Company, but I also have some very unique compounds, elements, and musings. I have a very secret project of tobaccos that are very, very, very old, and the seeds are very, very, very old as well. It’s stuff that we have not seen nor has anybody else.

The reason I don’t want to lay out too much of what this is, but we have a huge seed library from our company. Some of this stuff is 50-years-old, and that’s all. I’m going to leave it at that. So pay attention to what we’re doing at Foundry Tobacco Company. I’m telling a very, very interesting story, and I am growing Martian tobacco.