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George Rico of Gran Habano Cigars at IPCPR 2013 (video)


Hi, guys. How you doing? This is George Rico with Gran Habano Cigars, and we’ve just introducing at the 2013 trade show a Barracuda, a couple of new sizes, many of you have probably smoked Barracuda. We’ve got a new Corona Gorda, which is very flavorful, it’s very complex, it’s Nicaraguan tobacco made in our factory in Miami. It’s one of the STK projects.

And the newest one that we just introduced that I am very excited about is the George Rico STK American Pearl. The American Pearl is very unique because it’s probably one of the only cigars out there right now that is actually all American tobacco, made in the United States. Everything from the cigar boxes to the cigar bands, it’s all made in the United States. We roll them there in our factory in Miami, Little Havana, it’s actually using Kentucky fired cure for the filler. It’s also using Connecticut and Pennsylvania broad leaf, and then the wrapper and binder are Habano wrapper and binder from Connecticut. So mild to medium, very flavorful, very complex cigar with a lot of rich flavors of sort of hickory wood notes that I recommend, if anyone wants to try it. There are three sizes available.