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Gran Cantidad at Best Cigar Prices – Video

Mark from General Cigar Company took some time during his recent visit to talk to us about Gran Cantidad Cigars.

New to our stable of Best Cigar Prices handmade stogies, Gran Cantidad presents a one-of-a-kind smoke with exactly enough power to quench the seasoned palate.

This specific cigar is made exclusively for BCP by General Cigar (makers of Punch, Hoyo de Monterrey, Cohiba, and many other famous brands that you smoke) these solid sticks feature an international Brazilian maduro wrapper and Mexican San Andres cigar binder, including a mix of premium very high quality long-leaf Nicaraguan tobacco and Dominican filler tobacco for a full smoke boasting ample notes of cream, cedar, cocoa and espresso, along with a burn and draw performance that defies their humble price-point. A complex smoke with an excellent flavor and character that will shatter your perception of the bundled cigar, Gran Cantidad is building the new standard in reasonable priced cigars. We put much effort into making a high quality moderate cost cigar for your daily enjoyment.

Best Cigar Prices is proud to present to you the Gran Cantidad. Give it a try and let us know what you think!


Hi, I’m Mark [McCavey]. I’m with General Cigar Company. I’m here at Best Cigar Prices with Ron. I’m here to speak to you today about a private label that we make exclusively for Best Cigar Prices called Gran Cantidad. Gran Cantidad is made in our Dominican factory. It’s got a Brazilian wrapper. The Brazilian tobaccos in it give it that kind of coffee richness. It’s got a coffee taste, but at the same time it’s very smooth.

The fillers are very complex. It’s got a different mix of Dominican fillers with Nicaraguan. It gives it a lot of flavor, beautiful profile. It’s a Maduro wrapper. When you smoke this cigar, if you haven’t looked at the catalog and looked at the pricing you’re going to swear you’re smoking an $8.00 or $9.00 cigar, but when you’re done you’re going to look at your bill, and you’re going to realize that you got a phenomenal deal. So please try the Gran Cantidad. You won’t regret it. Get your cigars today as fast as you can at Best Cigar Prices.