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Guest Cigar Review – Eterno Robusto Connecticut by Perdomo

We recently sent out some samples of our exclusive Eterno Connecticut by Perdomo to our friend and customer Austin and the members of the Tight Ash Cigar Club. Austin and Chad of the T.A.C.C. were kind enough to weigh in on the blend, here are their reviews of the Eterno Connecticut Robusto (5 x 54) –


austin 2Austin Landry, Admin, Tight Ash Cigar Club (TACC):

I blame myself for how my experience started with the Eterno. I set it down to grab my lighter and…OH NO!!! I dropped it on the edge of a box, causing a crack in the foot of the wrapper about two inches. Determined to save it, I lit and was surprised with what I had in my hand. I am typically not a fan of Connecticut wrappers (or Perdomo for that matter).

The Eterno had a very nutty and creamy start and stayed that way consistently throughout. It became more earthy about halfway through, but the taste was very appealing. Even though I slightly damaged the construction myself, the construction through the rest of the session was flawless. Loose draw, but not too loose (perfect if you ask me)…punch cut attributed. I only had to relight once in the final third and was able to nub the cigar in about two hours time. Haven’t nubbed a stick in a while, but this stick deserved all the love and attention it received.
I found the Eterno Connecticut to be a consistent medium bodied stick with very enjoyable flavors. I would give it an 8.8/10 and would recommend it to any cigar smoker.





Chad Stubbs, Member of TACC:



I received the Eterno Connecticut to review, and let it sit in my humidor for some time to rest before I decided to give it a shot. While it was in the Humidor I did some reading on it, and what I was finding online was mixed reviews, so I honestly did not have a lot of hope for it. I noticed the construction of the cigar was top notch and a dry puff showed that while packed tightly it wasn’t so tight that I wouldn’t get a decent draw off of it.

After lighting it my first few draws were not favorable, the flavor lacked and I just wasn’t getting into it, I am glad I stuck with it and gave it a fair shot. The more I smoked the more the flavor came out. Normally I don’t have the palate that others have, and flavors don’t stand out to me. However, this one was different. There was a definite citrus flavor that while it got stronger on each draw, it was far from overbearing, and left a very pleasant flavor on the tongue between draws.

I love Perdomo, and this was a top notch cigar: even burn, smooth draw and a flavor that continued to develop as it burned. I never had to relight it (which is huge to me, due to the Northern Michigan winds.) I would rate this cigar a solid 8.5 out of a scale of 10, only reason it didn’t get higher is the first few draws just didn’t do it for me. It is definitely a sleeper smoke. I would recommend it to others, with the knowledge I now have on it.



Much thanks to our good buddies at T.A.C.C. for the great reviews.

Have you tried the Eterno yet? If so, we’d love to hear what you thought about it. Feel free to leave your Eterno review in the comments below.