Introducing Montecristo’s 1935 Anniversary Tesoro de Oro Humidor

Every now and then we get a product that redefines the term “luxury.” From flashy conversation starters like the Stravaganza to limited edition blends that simply focus on quality, luxury can take many forms. With the Tesoro de Oro, Montecristo reminds us where the ethos of luxury is perhaps most observable in the world of cigars: humidors.

Anyone who has spent some time browsing our website (or catalog) knows that we have a healthy humidor selection. Even so, the Tesoro de Oro is poised to be the highest priced humidor that we carry, and that includes our commercial humidors! So, what is it about this model of humidor that calls for such a price point? Well, as with so many other things in life, it’s what’s inside that matters.

Montecristo’s 1935 Anniversary Tesoro de Oro Humidor - Interior
Montecristo’s 1935 Anniversary Tesoro de Oro Humidor

Yes, the Tesoro de Oro boasts a stunning piano finish on its exterior, complete with twin doors that reveal several cedar trays. More importantly, however, is that this humidor comes packed with 80 (yes, 80) cigars. Of these 80, 50 are the 1935 Anniversary Nicaragua No. 2. The remaining 30 are a brand new figurado size of this 1935 Anniversary blend that is appropriately named The Aniversario.

The 6 x 55 Aniversario will only be available with this humidor purchase, so if you’re a Montecristo completist, you may want to start saving now. Otherwise, you can throw in with some friends when the Tesoro de Oro reaches our shelves in the coming weeks. Just make sure it’s clear which one of you gets to keep the humidor!

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