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Holy Criollo! 500+ Facebook fans over the weekend

Hey blogosphere, it’s Zac from here on our first blog post. We had a Facebook fan-adding frenzy here this weekend, with over five hundred of you joining up to get exclusive deals. We’re sending out so many free cigars today it’s all hands on deck! We ran out of stock after just 24 hours and apologize to those who missed out. We promise we’ll order a whole lot more for the next time we offer something like this. Shout out to the great folks at for helping with the hype.

With all the social networking buzz going on, we here are convinced you guys want more original cigar content, less marketing and more insane deals. That’s why we’ve started this blog, to give you an inside look of the cigar industry and share the latest news and info as it becomes available. So please subscribe to this blog and be on the lookout for regular posts from our talented team of aficionados. Thanks!