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Introducing Ashford Bentley Bundles

Are you looking for an affordable stogie with expensive taste and some history behind it? Look no further than Ashford Bentley’s! These mild stogies are named for Ashford Bentley, a Cuban cigar broker from the early 20th century. They were blended with one purpose in mind: to bring dignity back to the affordable cigar. How affordable, you ask? Only $24.95 per bundle of 20!

The blend for these cigars was found in a sealed barn in Central America. They’re hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic and feature a silky, sweet, creamy shade-grown wrapper and premium filler. Expect a perfect burn and draw every time at the absurdly low price of $1.25 per stick.

Ashford Bentley’s cigars would make the perfect everyday smoke. They tower over similarly priced stogies in quality and taste; try some Ashford Bentley’s and see just how good a budget cigar can be.