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Introducing Calderilla Dominican Cigarillos

Let’s have a warm welcome for Calderilla,’s first exclusive brand of cigarillos! Beautifully crafted in the Dominican Republic, these cigarillos are reminiscent of Macanudo Ascots, but at about half the price—as little as 60 cents per stick. These little smokes are perfect for fans of smaller cigars, but also for smokers who need a quick flavor fix without the time commitment of a larger stogie. Smooth and mild, Calderillas are available in either a natural or sweet-tipped wrapper.

Each of these stogies should provide a blissful 20-minute smoke. Available now in boxes of 100 or packs of 10, Calderilla is an excellent addition to our already impressive roster of BCP exclusives. If you’re a fan of Macanudo Ascots or other premium, mild Dominican cigarillos I see some serious savings in your future with these flavorful small smokes.