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Introducing Quorum Shade – From The Makers Of Fuente

If you can appreciate a quality stogie for the stick price of a pack of gum, then today is your lucky day—new from Arturo Fuente cigars is the Quorum Shade. As the popularity of Quorum’s original blend rapidly grew since its inception, the folks at Arturo Fuente received many requests for a milder cigar. Now their prayers, as well as yours, have been answered. Wrapped in a velvety Connecticut seed shade-grown wrapper and packed with Nicaraguan filler, this smoke is virtually unbeatable for the paltry sum of $1.25 per stick.

If the original Quorum is your evening smoke, Quorum Shade is the perfect morning smoke to start the day out on the right foot—mild, smooth, and provide an exceptionally high value at their low price point. The quality of these smokes will have you wondering how the price got so unbelievably low—and we don’t know either. While it may not be the jewel of your humidor, this is a perfect everyday stogie to keep you from having to break out the big guns every time you get the urge.