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IPCPR Day 2 Potpurri: Fight for Your Right to Smoke Cigars; New Stogie List; Swag Watch

It’s day two of the IPCPR and our management continues to rub shoulders with the cigar elite down in New Orleans. I’m here representing the home office, putting together our next catalog along with our photographer Dianna, rocking out pictures of new items like South Beach Flavors and J. Fuego Origens. We’re excited to be rolling out a bunch of new products over the coming weeks. Quite frankly, we’re still combing through the mountains of product coming in from our IPCPR deals.


Yes, business is boomin’ here at, but we’re also ever-weary of the future. As Rocky Patel said in a recent interview we conducted for our August catalog: “I fear the government more than I fear the competition.”

Higher tobacco taxes have forced us to stop shipping cigars within the state of New York, which now boasts a whopping 75% cigar tax. Smoking bans in public places threaten not only the cigar industry as a whole, it also erodes personal freedoms. Cigar manufacturing is an art, and we must fight not to let it become a dying art.

Our people in the field report a packed and riled up room of cigar retailers for Rocky’s address to the convention. The Stogie Review caught his inspiring and informative speech on video, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Cigar Reader also has a great “fight for your right” video. It features many of the cigar industry’s most famous figures discussing the Cigar Rights of America organization and why average cigar smokers need to get up off their butts and fight for their freedom to smoke:


Of course, the real news is of all the new cigars making their debut at the IPCPR. By now, all the cats are out of the bag and early reviews are popping up all over the web. We reviewed the brand-new Macanudo Cru Royale and will be smoking more new sticks in the coming weeks to give you the lowdown. We’ve also got a list of 30 new cigars with links to additional information here.


We’ve been following the IPCPR hashtag on Twitter to keep abreast of all the goings-on. If you’re not familiar with Twitter, a “hashtag” is made by putting the pound sign (#) before any word you type into Twitter. Then you can click on the hashtag and see what everyone else is saying about that topic.

As cool as it is, we discovered an even cooler feature of hashtags today over at the HashAlbum website. Check out this hashalbum of the IPCPR, containing over 100 photos ‘tweeted’ by convention attendees. Most of the shots fall into three categories: pics of new cigars, pics of attendees posing with cigar industry folks, and most importantly, cigar swag! In particular I want this K. Hansotia suede cigar sack. Hey boss, can you bring one back for me?