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J. Fuego Cigar Co. – HEAT (video)

Jesus Fuego of J. Fuego Cigar Co. took a few minutes to talk to us about the HEAT by J. Fuego Cigars.

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Hi, everybody. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at Best Cigar Prices talking about our cigar lines. Today we’re going to talk about The Heat.

The Heat is one of our newest editions; it was introduced last year. It’s an old Corojo blend made in Honduras. It’s a very rich, medium-bodied cigar with lots of peppery. It has a very well aged Corojo wrapper. It comes in boxes of 25. Four sizes: we have a Corona Gorda, Robusto, Toro, and a 5.5 by 60 that we call Grande. It’s good for beginners and seasoned smokers at the same time. It’s very complex, very rich, very peppery cigar. Just medium-bodied, not overwhelming. So I think it’s a good cigar everybody can enjoy after a decent lunch. And you can find it at