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J.Fuego Cigar Company (video)

Fifth Generation cigar maker, Jesus Fuego, took a few minutes to tell us about the history of the J.Fuego Cigar Company.

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Hi, everybody, Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars. We’re here at the to talk a little bit about the history of our company, and let you guys know who we are and what we are about.

So a short history of the company. I’m fifth generation in the business. The company and J. Fuego was established in 1876 by my great-great grandfather. It was established in Corojo in Cuba, the region where the famous Corojo seed comes from. We migrated to Central America during the cigar boom and did some work for other cigar companies, blending and growing tobaccos and getting our company back on track in the business and established again.

In 2006 we opened an office in Miami where we have our distribution, and decided to stop blending and making cigars for other brands and put out our own blends and our own work, and it’s been a very fun ride learning from the consumers and listening to what they want to hear.

The philosophy of the company, I think, is trying to get an affordable cigar with a lot of quality. We source our tobaccos from many regions, do a lot of growing. Pretty much everything that we use in our blends has been grown exclusively for our cigars. We have top quality tobacco from Brazil, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, some Dominican Republic, Ecuador, so there is a little bit for every taste.

I think what I aim for is mostly complexity. I like round cigars that fill the mouth with different nuances and flavors. We’re working with a Connecticut wrapper for the 777 Zero. We work Nicaraguan Corojo, we work Nicaraguan Criollo and Brazilian Habano. We were actually the first company in the cigar industry who used Cuban seed Corojo, the authentic Cuban seed Corojo grown in Brazil. We use U.S. grown Pennsylvania wrapper for our J. Fuego Americana.

We have a wide range of flavors. There’s mild, medium, full-bodied. I guess we’re still in that romantic stage that we want to see people smoking, and we don’t believe in going too crazy and too expensive with the price because I want everybody to be able to afford our cigars.

Right now we have the newest addition to the company. Unfortunately he’s not here. My nephew Jose, that is the sixth J. Fuego in the business. My father, thank God, is still working and in charge of the growing tobacco in the fields and sourcing tobacco for us.

We have a wonderful ride learning, getting to know what the consumer wants and having really good cigars made out of Honduras and Nicaragua and pretty soon Dominican Republic. And we’re just trying to keep the consistency up and keep bringing the good ones and I hope you keep burning them. And don’t forget to buy them at