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J.Fuego Cigars: Americana (video)

Jesus Fuego of J.Fuego Cigars took a few minutes to tell us about his Americana blend.


Hi, everybody. This is Jesus Fuego with J. Fuego Cigars for

We’re here to talk about the J. Fuego Americana today. This is our newest addition to the J. Fuego cigar line. It’s something I always wanted to make, a cigar made with a U.S. grown Pennsylvania wrapper. A lot of character, full-bodied, very rich.

In smoke sizes, we have the Robusto, we have the Toro, and we have a 7 x 58 that we call Grande. We also have the original little five-pack.

I hope you guys enjoy it. We’re getting a lot of traction and a lot of good reviews on it. Like I said, it’s something for a smoker who likes a robust flavor and lots of character, very peppery, very rich, and obviously you can find it at