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La Boheme by Boutique Blends Cigars (video)

Rafael Nodal, of Boutique Blends Cigars, was very excited to tell us about his newest blend, La Boheme, a cigar steeped in the traditions of  his three passions, Cigars, Cuba and Music.

Find the La Boheme here:


Hi, I’m Rafael Nodal from Boutique Blend Cigars, makers of Aging Room, La Boheme, Swag, and Oliveros cigars.

Last year, Cigar Aficionado rated us the highest-rated cigar in the United States, and the number two in the world with our Aging Room Quattro. People ask me, “What are you going to do next?” Well, I have already been to this new world, so the next thing was, “I am going to make a cigar that is proud of that tradition.” And this is what I’m introducing, my new La Boheme.

And I’m here to tell you a little bit about La Boheme. La Boheme is a cigar that incorporates my three biggest passions in life: cigars, Cuba, and music. La Boheme is the name of a very famous opera. This is an unbelievable artwork for a cigar from Cuba from the 1800s and it is my take on the golden era of Cuban cigars.

The flavor, the aroma that I remember from the old Cuban cigars, that’s what I bring you with La Boheme. It has an unbelievable blend of very, very old aged Dominican tobaccos, all Cuban seed grown in Dominican, in the unbelievably beautiful valleys of Cibao and topped off with a very well-aged wrapper. It’s an Ecuadorian Habano that has over seven years of aging and one of the highest primes, so it brings you a lot of flavor, a lot of aroma. It’s a medium to full body.

So this is what I decided to do after getting the number two cigar in the world, the number one in the United States in the year 2013. So I bring you La Boheme. I hope you like it, because it is really my passion in life. Cheers.