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Macanudo Inspirado Red Cigars w/ Brand Ambassador Laurel Tilley

Brand Ambassador Laurel Tilley talks about Macanudo Inspirado Red Cigars

Transcript: Hi, I’m Laurel Tilley with Macanudo and today we will be reviewing the Macanudo Inspirado Red. It is our newest addition to the Inspirado series and also the most full-bodied. We are using an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan Jalapa for the binder, and then Honduran Jamastran, Nicaraguan Ometepe, and Nicaraguan Esteli for the filler. We’re also using using very aged tobaccos so you’re gonna get the strength but not the bite, so it’s actually a fifteen-year Esteli, a 10-year Jamastran, and a five-year Ometepe. This cigar is gonna be fuller bodied, it’s got some spice to it, it’s great if you want to sit down with a glass of a fuller bodied red wine or a scotch whiskey. It’ll hold up nicely next to that so if you are interested in the cigar you can find it at

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