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Majority Of Comments Submitted to FDA Oppose $10 Cigar Minimum


The response is amazing.

33,000 of the 54,000 comments submitted to the FDA are against the $10 dollar minimum.  (If you have not submitted your comments yet,  we strongly urge you do so at this time.   The last date for submission is August 8th (only a week from today).  The rest of the comments are mostly against FDA regulation for other reasons, such as against prior approval from the FDA before adding a new size, shape, or brand of cigar).

As you might have known by now,  the FDA wants to set a minimum price of $10 dollars a single cigar,  forcing manufacturers to increase the cost of all cigars to exceed $10 dollars a cigar so as to avoid regulation.

Already the threat of a raising cigars over $10 dollars a stick is in the process of shutting down factories and throwing Americans out of work. 

In Tampa (otherwise known as Cigar City) the last cigar company there is fighting for it’s survival in the face of FDA regulation.

Again the last day to comment on the FDA proposal is August 8th,  do not let this slip by.