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Your action is imperative in order to ensure the survival of our trade and prevent the FDA from destroying cigar culture. 

We know we’ve posted several times on this topic, but it is one that bears repeating, and one that we as cigar smokers cannot afford to let fall by the wayside.

In September, the U.S. Government announced the allocation of $53 million for research on how to further regulate tobacco, including cigars. We are closer than ever to having our right to enjoy premium cigars stripped away by unwarranted FDA regulation.

Proposed FDA Regulations include:

  • A ban on mail-order cigars
  • A ban on walk-in humidors
  • A ban on cigar events where free cigars are available to legal age adults
  • Limits on special release and small batch cigars
  • Enforcement of a “plain-packaging” law that would eliminate manufacturer’s ability to display any kind of identifying branding on cigar boxes
  • Imposition of a very lengthy registration process that would greatly hinder manufacturer’s ability to introduce new blends
  • Limits on nicotine levels in cigars to a level near zero, severely impacting the flavor of cigars
  • New taxes on cigars to finance the very regulations cigar aficionados don’t want!

As if that wasn’t enough, These regulations will jeopardize over 85,000 American jobs, destroy America’s “mom & pop” premium cigar retailers & manufacturers, and risk over 250,000 jobs in Latin American that produce cigars, impacting the economic/political stability in the region.

We have made significant progress in our efforts to protect our favorite pastime from these destructive measures, but the fight is far from over. Today we are writing to request your support on H.R. 792, also known as the “cigar bill”. If passed, H.R. 792 will exempt premium cigars from FDA oversight. It is critical that we continue to make our voices heard in order to preserve premium cigars and our right to enjoy them. This is an issue of citizen’s rights, of quality of life and of preserving the very ideals that our country was founded on.

We encourage you to voice your opposition to any proposed regulation of premium cigars by the United States government. So please email, fax and call your local legislators and urge them to sign on to H.R. 792. Go to for a full list of representatives who have not yet signed on to H.R. 792, and visit the Cigar Rights of America ( to learn more about how you can help keep the FDA’s hands out of your humidor. The future of premium cigars depends on it.

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