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May we have your opinion for an iPhone / iPad / Android Cigar app?


We need your help!    We are considering building an iPhone /  iPad and Android device app. We have some ideas already. It’s our goal to make the best Cigar app possible

Some concepts that were tossed around in the office (some of these ideas might or might not make it into the first version of the app).

1 – Push notifications to allow for all app users to know exactly when specials are run.
2 – Shipment tracking that allows for you to know exactly when your package was shipped, where it is currently and when it’s expected to arrive.
3 – Access to Cigar reviews, so next time you’re with your friends you can say, without a doubt, that your cigar is rated higher than theirs.
4 – Simple search for cigar products with robust filters (like the pun?)
5 – First in line access to contests and specials.
6 – Easy access to international shipping information (for our international users).
7 – Easy Feedback button to provide us with any comments, questions or concerns. Literally a click to chat, click to mail or click to call to us.
8 – Quick access to our digital catalog this way you don’t have to wait for the snail mail version.
9 – Quick Notification if a cigar you were watching is now available for purchase rather than just back order, handy for those hard to obtain brands.

Here are some ideas that came from individuals so far (no specific order).

A) Take a photo of the ribbon and it will tell you the name and details of the cigar!
B) Current pricing for the cigar
C) Related Cigars based on prior purchase history, so you know what types are good to test and what are not.
D) Deeper Descriptions of specific cigars
E) Inventory of what’s in your humidor

We are hoping that any of your suggestions could build upon that short list that we created.

PLEASE NOTE: We are taking all suggestions through the comment system below to allow for a full interactive discussion. Please leave your comment below for any ideas you have for an iphone / ipad / android device app. Commenting below will allow for a logical discussion regarding it. We might be editing this post as well over time to reflect any new aspects that were brought up.