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Memorial Day Weekend Smokes: Rocky Patel Sungrown, Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada, Carrington #6

Rocky Patel Sungrown Toro

Hello loyal Best Cigar Blog readers, I’m back after a fantastic Memorial Day weekend spent relaxing on the beach in Cape Cod. The weather was beautiful and the cigars were plentiful. Some of the folks I vacation with blow me out of the ocean when it comes to cigar knowledge, and I learned a lot from these 30-year cigar veterans. Of course, I smoked a few fine cigars so here’s a recap.

I started things off right with a Rocky Patel Sungrown Toro, a fantastic golf course cigar if there ever was one. Having already been a fan of the Vintage lines, I was prepared to be impressed by this fuller-bodied relative.

This was one case where I was glad to have a Toro and not a Petite Corona, as the complexity of this smoke really evolves as the burn line moves down the wrapper. A blast of pepper at the start quickly tempers itself but remains ever-present as flavors of oak and earth present themselves. The full-bodiedness eases a bit once it gets going, but the spice continues to tickle the sinuses. Further down, I got some hazelnut coffee notes as the cigar took on a creamier body. The smoke was copious and I found myslef practically chewing on it. Toward the lower third it burned a bit hotter, and woodiness overtook earthiness as the core flavor. Subtle hints of cocoa were detected. Highly recommended for any Vintage fan, and those looking for an easy-smoking medium- to full-bodied stick that will keep things interesting.

My second cigar of the day was a whopper: the Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada Torpedo. Featuring the same tobacco blend as the regular Decade but without a box press and with a chocolate-brown wrapper, these are available in very limited quantities. It’s a good thing I work for a cigar retailer or I might not have been able to get my hands on it. Only 250 boxes of each size were made! Thanks to our buyer Warren for hooking me up.

I haven’t yet smoked the regular Decade that’s hanging out in my humidor, so I can’t compare. I will say that this was an unabashedly full-bodied monster, full of extremely rich tobacco flavor. The expected black pepper spice presented itself at the start and hung around on the finish, but the body of the cigar was pleasantly creamy and smooth. Hints of dark chocolate hit me immediately, along with a earthy core. I was reminded of the Gurkha Assassin, though I preferred the Edicion Limitada’s balanced aroma, which grew more mellow and creamy with each puff. About halfway the chocolaty notes were joined by the taste of espresso and a campfire-esque woodiness, leading me to believe this would be a fantastic post-barbecue smoke.

The Rockies were the best cigars I smoked all weekend, staying true to my almost universal love of Patel’s many lines. I also enjoyed the tiny Carrington #6, a mild but satisfying smoke with creamy hints of nuts and oak. The humidity was challenging its burn, and indeed no sooner did I quit on the cigar about halfway through, the sky opened up and rain forced our friendly outdoor poker game inside. A bit too mild for my taste, anyway, but I’d recommend it to anyone whose palate is tuned to a milder smoke and still wants flavor.

I finished the weekend off with a Nub Maduro 460 — if you want the lowdown on Nubs, check out my review of the entire line here. Nubs are now officially my go-to cigar for its brilliant combination of size, variety, flavor and construction.