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Midweek Roundup—Snow Boss Corruption, Manny Acta, Cigars for Troops, and Beautiful Women Rolling Cigars

There’s too much going on in the cigar world (or in this case, the vaguely-related-to-cigars world) to pick one story, so it’s time for yet another edition of BestCigarPrices’ Midweek Roundup!

First off, we’ve got a story in the Huffington Post that we glossed over last week about the snow boss in Chicago—more specifically, Managing Deputy Commissioner Bobby Richardson of the Chicago Snow Command—ordering his staffers to pick up cigars for him, wash his car, and keep it topped off with gas. While we all think this is pretty funny, it is a pretty blatant abuse of authority, and it landed Richardson a 25-day suspension.

Meanwhile, on a slightly more positive note, Senator John Kerry flew to Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan last Sunday to meet with the 26th “Yankee” Brigade and 1-181 Infantry Batallion, two units from the Massachusetts Army National Guard, according to a story in the Boston Herald. While in Kabul, Kerry hung out with the troops, ate with them, participated in a promotion ceremony, and presented them with two boxes of cigars. I couldn’t find any details about what kind of cigars he brought, but I can only assume a guy with a U.S. senator’s salary could manage some good ones. Say what you will about the Kerry’s politics, but this kind of thing makes him a good guy in my book.

In sports news, Cleveland Indians manager Manny Acta posted a few new victory cigars since I posted about him a few weeks ago. Among them were a Rocky Patel Vintage 1999, a Kristoff Maduro, a Don Julian #1, a Te-Amo World Series Cuba Blend, and last but definitely not least, a Padron Anniversario Serie 1926. I couldn’t find much information on the Don Julian, but all the other ones are all pretty choice sticks.

And in beautiful women and cigars news (obviously I saved the best for last), a company called Cigar Dolls has just launched their inaugural press release on PR Newswire earlier today. Cigar Dolls boasts a team of attractive female torcedores who you can hire to roll cigars at your corporate, sports, casino, and celebrity/VIP events. “Guests are taken aback when they find out that I know anything about cigars, let alone that I’m rolling them,” said spokesperson and Cigar Doll Mia Foley in their press release. “The cigars are strictly premium, but no matter how good the cigars are, we still seem to get the attention,” she added.

That’s all for this week’s roundup. I think I pretty much covered all the bases—local government corruption, cigars for the troops, baseball, and beautiful women rolling cigars—but if anybody thinks I left anything out, feel free to leave it in a comment below.

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