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More Celebrity Smoke: Crowe and Neeson Cannot Resist a Great Cigar

Obi-Wan Cohiba?

Our first blog on celebrity smokers (Will there ever be another famous cigar smoker?”) continues to be a popular post, so we kept our eyes on Google News like cigar paparazzi.

For his role as John ‘Hannibal’ Smith in the new A-Team movie, Liam Neeson had to smoke real cigars on set. He was apprehensive after quitting smoking cigarettes 16 years ago, but all it took was some fine Cubans (they shot in Canada) and he “discovered” cigars. Worried about cigars leading back to cigarettes, he weaned himself off and swore to never again smoke on screen. At least he’s not trying to be a super-PC role model, making his decision based on personal reasons rather than PR.

Russell Crowe had a similar situation when he tweeted about smoking a cigar on day eight of his personal campaign to quit smoking cigarettes. Cut yourself some slack, Russell, your good buddy had a baby! Honeslty, we’re wondering what the hell he’s doing on Twitter so much. If I were that rich and famous I’d hire someone to do my social networking updates while I smoked Padron Anniversarios on my yacht.

Take, for example, Leonardo DiCaprio. He was seen smoking a cigar in the non-smoking VIP area. Now, that’s the way to do it. If I ever get my 15 minutes of fame, I’m heading right to the non-smoking VIP area and smoking a Opus X Perfecxion A down to the nub with a bottle of ‘bub.