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More Cigar Gadgets – Cabinet Selection

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Once I elaborate, you will realize how awful that pun was. I was doing my usual cigar search on Google News earlier today and came across an article about a guy who makes speakers out of cigar boxes (give it a minute and let the terrible pun-induced “awwwing” commence!).

Anyway, according to an article on, Neal Demazure drops 2.5” aluminum cone speakers into two Excalibur No. 1 Maduro boxes, reinforces them with internal bracing, installs a volume knob and on/off switch, and outfits the pair with a 3.5mm stereo cable and standard 120 volt wall plug. Since they’re self-powered, there’s no need for an external amplifier, so once you plug them into the wall, they can be plugged into any mp3 player, smartphone, computer, or just about anything else with a headphone jack.

Generally the sound in small speakers is lacking, but according to Demazure, each speaker is fitted with a ¾” copper port tube and produces a “surprisingly full and natural sound,” adding that their sound is “smooth and easy to listen to” with “no harsh highs or rough midrange.”

I’m definitely interested in how these things sound, and I’d want to know before shelling out the $350 plus shipping that they go for. Regardless of the price, though (after all, they are handcrafted speakers), the idea is awesome and presents a truly creative way of making sure your empty cigar boxes don’t go to waste.

For specs on the speakers, check out Demazure’s eEtsy page or the review on

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