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New Cigars 10.13.15.

Just like a bad penny, I’m back again. The good news is, I’ve brought updates on the best new cigars out there:


Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica 2015

mac_res_jam2015_8A quick history lesson:

The Macanudo brand was launched in Jamaica in 1968 by the Fernando Palicio family, makers of the Cuban Punch brand. Macanudo cigars were originally made in Jamaica using a blend that included Jamaican tobaccos, right up until 2000, when General Cigar closed the Temple Hall cigar factory where the Macanudo line had been produced and moved production to the Dominican Republic. The Jamaican leaves were slowly phased out of the blend beginning in the 1990s, due to an increasing scarcity of quality Jamaican tobaccos. So, with its inclusion of a rare varietal of Jamaican tobacco called “Silver Tongue” from a specially-grown 2014 crop, Macanudo Estate Reserve 2015 is a true return to roots for the best-selling brand.

A high priming Connecticut Broadleaf serves as wrapper on this mild masterpiece, adding tones of light spice, cocoa, and coffee bean to its creamy taste. Featuring a regal presentation in individually branded coffin boxes, the Macanudo Estate Reserve Jamaica 2015 is a top-shelf, limited edition smoke that will not be around for long – get yours now, mon.



La Palina Red Label

lapalina_red_robIf La Palina’s full-bodied Black Label blend is the cigar equivalent to Rocky Balboa, then the new Red Label is Arthur Fonzarelli: Less brute strength, much more “Ayyy.”

Boasting a full level of flavor and complexity that you might not expect from a mild-medium bodied cigar, the La Palina Red Label exudes a stunning bouquet of woody and creamy tasting notes with undertones of peppery spice and herbal sweetness. An Ecuador binder with Nicaraguan and Dominican fillers beneath a shimmering Ecuador Habana wrapper are the four elements responsible for this cool and commanding profile.

Oh yeah, and these are made at Abe Flores’ PDR Cigars in the Dominican Republic, so you know you can count on a sharp burn and perfect draw on each stick. (Hits jukebox, lights La Palina Red Label, grins like a bastard.)



Kristoff San Andres

kristoff_sanandres_6x60With some cigars, just one look will tip you off to the wealth of rich flavor its wrapper leaf conceals. Take the Kristoff San Andres, for example.

Cloaked in a gorgeous, deep brown Mexican San Andres leaf, the medium-full bodied Kristoff San Andres is comprised of Ecuadorian Habano binder and three different Nicaraguan Habano-seed filler tobaccos under its namesake wrapper. If smooth and flavorful maduros are your thing, you’ll want to pick up a batch of these asap. Flush with earthy, sweet, and meaty flavor with creamy notes of cocoa and dark roast coffee, the San Andres is one of Kristoff’s finest flavor-heavy creations yet. If you don’t mind big-ring smokes, grab the 6×60 version for a real mouthful of maximum smooth flavor output.





Aaaaaaaand, I’m out. Check back soon for more New Cigar scoopage.

– Jason.