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New Cigars 12.21.15.

For our final New Cigar Update of 2015 we’ve got an absolutely killer trio of awesome artisan smokes. I’d love to pretend that we purposely saved our best update of the year for last, but in a serendipitous coincidence, this is actually what we got in this week. If these new blends are any indication of what we can expect to come in 2016, the future is looking very, very bright for cigar fans:


El Gueguense

elgueg_toroNon-Spanish speakers may have a little trouble getting their tongue around El Gueguense‘s name, but no cigar lover will have any problem putting their lips on this mega-flavorful Nicaraguan puro.

El Gueguense (“el wah-when-say”) translates from Spanish to “the wise man,” and comes dressed to the hilt in a gorgeous and oily Corojo ’99 wrapper leaf. More Corojo ’99 serves as binder, hugging an elegant blend of cedar-aged Nicaraguan Corojo and Criollo long-fillers from 2011 and 2012. The resulting smoke is rich, smooth, and full-bodied, unveiling a diverse array of tasting notes as you burn. Tones of cedar, spice, and sweetness give way to subtleties of cherry, cocoa, and caramel in this enchanting smoke from the up-and-coming Foundation Cigar Company. If you’re a fool for deep flavor complexity, “The Wise Man,” was made for you.


E.P. Carrillo Limitada 2015

epcar_limitada_2015E.P. Carrillo’s 5th annual limited edition release, the Edicion Limitada 2015 combines a robust and flavorful Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper with a blend of the company’s richest Nicaraguan binder and filler leaves to bring you a “special occasion” smoke that’s well-worthy of celebration. Boasting a perfect combo of dense earthy and nutty flavors with a slightly sweet, silky finish, only 1,500 boxes of these rare sticks were produced – grab your batch here before they inevitably go the way of the buggy whip.






La Mission du L’Atelier

latelier_lamission_2009Hailing from the My Father factory in Esteli, La Mission du L’Atelier weighs in as the strongest, and most lip-smacking L’ Atelier blend yet.

Inspired by a French winery known for its fine, full-bodied wines, La Mission is a real looker of a cigar, sporting an oily, chocolaty-brown Mexican San Andres wrapper leaf and sharp box-pressed construction with a Cuban-style pigtail cap. If that description wasn’t enough to get your salivary glands pumping, beneath this appetizing capa are some seriously rich Nicaraguan long-fillers, including the revered Sancti Spiritus leaf. A procession of delicious and robust earth, chocolate, tangy pepper, coffee, leather, and smoky wood tasting notes come dancing out once the cigar is lit, and they don’t stop until you finally set down the smoldering nub. This exuberant tasting profile might come as a surprise if it were produced by anyone other than Mr. Pete Johnson, from whom we’ve come to expect this sort of stogie mastery. Spoil yourself with a batch of these bad boys right here.



Aaaaaaand that does it for 2015. You can bet I’ll be back with all kinds of New Cigar greatness in the weeks and months to come. Until then, try to contain your anticipation, won’t you?



Yours Truly,
High-Chief of Hyperbole,