Introducing Several New Blends from Caldwell Cigars

Caldwell has never been a brand to rest on their laurels and coast along with a few popular cigars. From well-known lines like Blind Man’s Bluff to eclectic collections like Lost and Found, Caldwell obviously believes in offering variety. Now you can find three of their newest blends at Best Cigar Prices.

Caldwell Lost & Found Mind Melter

Sometimes you simply crave the kind of cigar that only a Habano-wrapped stick can provide. The up-front spiciness; the complex flavor profile that lingers after each draw. Caldwell’s medium-to-full-bodied Mind Melter Robusto delivers it all. Now available in an affordable 10-cigar bundle, this is the perfect way to top off your humidor.

Caldwell Long Live the King 11/07

The Lost & Found series isn’t the only place to find new Caldwell cigars this season. Their beloved Long Live the King line is also getting some additions. These cigars are available in your choice of maduro or Habano wrappers. Regardless of which you choose, the cigar will be a gorgeous perfecto vitola with a consistent, reliable burn.

There’s never been a better time to be a fan of Caldwell cigars. Not only do you have plenty of unique smokes to choose from, but you can get them for a low cost at Best Cigar Prices.

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