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New Gurkha Ninja & Viper – discounted and shipped to you free!

Thanks to a special arrangement with Gurkha, we’re offering the new Ninja and Viper lines at $15 off our already low prices — for a very limited time. In addition to free shipping being standard on these boxes, for one week only you’ll get a huge discount for being the first on your block to smoke one of these new Gurkhas. Built for the budget-conscious aficionado, these stogies lack the over-the-top packaging and presentation that Gurkha’s higher-end lines are famous for. What they don’t lack is flavor, construction and complexity… these are premiums in every sense of the word.

The fuller-bodied Viper is an overall sweet cigar full of rich tobacco flavor. Its incredible smoothness belies its strength, and the deliciously leathery foundation lies perfectly on the palate. The medium-bodied Ninja is a coffee-with-cream dream featuring a flavor profile that hints at a light dessert. Both have only the slightest touch of spice, making them perfect for beginners and fans of smoother smokes.   Give them a try and tell us what you think.