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New Sampler – Rocky, CAO, Alec Bradley, Perdomo & More


In the cigar business, you can spot a one-hit wonder from a mile away—basically anytime you see the words “limited,” “rare,” or “special edition.” There’ll be buzz about it for a month or two, and then once stock runs out, it’ll fade into obscurity, never to be smoked again. Is there anything more frustrating for somebody who truly appreciates a good smoke?

We chose the Timeless Ten because each one of the stogies in this sampler has some permanence. From the Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo, with its 95 rating in Cigar Aficionado, to the silky, smooth CAO Gold Robusto, to the ever-affordable Palma Real Churchill, these are all sticks that have either been around for a while or made a recent entrance that we won’t soon forget.

I know what you’re thinking—with names like Perdomo Reserve 10th Anniversary, Alec Bradley Star Insignia, and Carlos Toraño Exodus 1959 50 Years being thrown around, this sampler probably costs an arm and a leg. Rest assured, that couldn’t be further from the truth—this sampling of 10 premium stogies costs a measly $37.95 – and ships FREE! That means you get these highly-rated, handmade smokes delivered to your door for under $4 per stick. We’re confident that the Timeless Ten sampler will keep you coming back for more. And since none of these sticks are going anywhere anytime soon, we plan on having this one stocked for a long time.