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News Brief – Punch to Release Rare Corojo Perfecto for 2013

General Cigar, makers of Punch Cigars, have announced that this year’s special release vitola for Punch Rare Corojo will be an all-new 7×48 Perfecto. The limited edition cigars will be offered in keepsake, wooden cabinet style boxes of 25, and will feature the same blend that the line has used in recent releases over the past few years.

Punch Rare Corojo Perfecto (7×48)

In a press release issued by the company, Gus Martinez, director of marketing for Punch noted, “Punch Rare Corojo started the trend toward seasonal offerings, and we are pleased to continue the tradition. Between the breadth of frontmarks and the addition of the Perfecto to this year’s lineup, we are confident that Rare Corojo will be the go-to, springtime smoke for cigar lovers across the country.”

Look for Punch Rare Corojo Perfecto to arrive at BCP in the very near future.