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Nica Puro Cigar by Alec Bradley Cigars

Dave Topper of Alec Bradley Cigars took a few minutes during his recent visit to the office to talk to us about the Nica Puro by Alec Bradley.

This cigar line is actually a single country cigar or typically called a Puro Cigar. All the tobacco is literally from Nicaragua. Typically cigars have wrappers from one country, tobacco and filler from various other countries and are blended to create a special taste. However with the Nica Puro all the tobacco is from Nicaragua ensuring a very smooth cigar that has a very consistent taste. It’s the first Puro by Alec Bradley.

If a cigar is 100% constructed using tobacco from a single specific country, it is referred to in the cigar industry as a “puro” which in Spanish means “pure.”

The Nica Puro is well worth a try, it starts off at $83.95 and the new cigar has been well received by the individuals that have tried it.

nica puro

We strongly urge you to try this cigar line and provide your feedback regarding it. Again this is literally the first Puro by Alec Bradley and feedback is helpful. Here is a recent review we did on this cigar line.


Good afternoon. Dave Topper here with Alec Bradley Cigars, talking to you from Best Cigar Prices Headquarters. We have a moment to talk about one of our newest brands from Nicaragua. It’s called Nica Puro. Alec Bradley has finally come up with a brand that is a puro cigar, which means that all the tobacco comes from the same country. The wrapper is a Habano grown seed wrapper in Nicaragua. The fillers are all Nicaraguan, ligeros and secos, and we have a beautiful Nicaraguan binder on the cigar.

It comes in boxes of 20. It’s been on the market now for about six months, and we’re really starting to get the steam rolling with this. Best Cigar Prices has been selling the cigar very well for us, and we’re hoping that the Nica Puro could be in your mix of the cigars that you try, and eventually we’d like you to buy a box of them. Thank you.