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NicaRoma by Villiger Cigars (Video)

Shawna Williams of Villiger Cigars North America talks to us about the new Nica Roma by Villiger Cigars during the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show. Check it out:


Hi, my name’s Shawna. I’m from Villiger Cigars North America. We’ve got a new release called the NicaRoma. It’s a great product at a really, really reasonable price point. It comes in three blends. We do have it in Maduro, we have it in Connecticut, and we have it in Habano.

These cigars are made for us by Nestor Plasencia out of Nicaragua. It is a Cuban Sandwich. However, it’s not like the other Cuban Sandwiches on the market. It is 60% long fill, and the other 40% is grade A picadora. So this isn’t the scraps that you’ll find in a lot of other Cuban Sandwiches.

It is definitely super premium tobacco. It’s actually what’s left over from our cigars, the Talanga and the Colorado, and these are both cigars that have been highly rated, 93 and 94. So you’re definitely getting a fabulous smoke and an excellent value with both of these cigars. They come in toro and they come in a new 6 by 60. So I hope you try it and you love it.