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Nick Perdomo on Perdomo Cigars LOT 23 – Video

Nick Perdomo of Perdomo Cigars talks about the Perdomo Cigars LOT 23 blend.   The video is less than 2 minutes long,  but well worth the view.   These cigars are economical,  yet are of excellent quality.

A short history about Nick Perdomo , the CEO of Perdomo Cigars.   Nick’s company, which is a 2000+ employee firm with an 88,000 square-foot cigar manufacturing facility produces millions of the world’s finest premium hand-made cigars every year.   In the video below you will see how he regards the cigar,  as well as Best Cigar Prices as the place to buy them.

Perdomo brands are well known throughout the world.    You can purchase Perdomo at Best Cigar Prices.


Hi. Nick Perdomo from Perdomo Cigars. Today, I’d like to talk to you about a special project that we produced in 2000, which is the Perdomo LOT 23. It’s available in six sizes. When I envisioned this blend, we found this farm in the Esteli Valley. As a matter of fact, my late father, Nick Perdomo, Sr. found it. It was 88 acres per tobacco land that we found that was actually virgin. What I mean by that is nothing ever grew on that.

What we decided to do is I wanted to come up with a brand where I could do a single vintage like what you would find in a premium red wine, for example, where I could produce a cigar from one single field where a lot of people said it couldn’t be done and we did it. In the tobaccos in the Perdomo LOT 23, all the fillers and binders are from this particular field. We started this project out in 2000. It has, like I said earlier, it has six sizes with three different wrappers. It comes in a Connecticut Shade wrapper.

For somebody who’s looking for more of a medium bodied cigar with a creamy finish, maybe earlier in the day or maybe late in the evening when he’s looking for maybe a more milder offering. It also comes in a natural wrapper, which is a Cuban seed wrapper that we grow on one of our famed farms up in the Jalapa Valley. To add onto that, a nice, spicy Maduro wrapper.

Even though these cigars are offered at an extremely modest pricing, I want you to be rest assured that this brand is of the utmost quality and flavor. It’s been a very popular brand around the world. I’m very proud to say that also has the Perdomo LOT 23. I trust you’ll enjoy this. It’s a phenomenal cigar. Thank you.