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Nick Perdomo Visits BCP!

Greg Fox & Nick Perdomo

Today Best Cigar Prices had the honor of getting a visit from fourth generation cigarmaker, Nick Perdomo. Nick was kind enough to let us ask him a few questions in order to find out more about the man behind Perdomo Cigars. From growing up in Washington D.C., delivering newspapers at eleven years old, spending some time in the military, to being active in charity organizations, Nick has done quite a bit! Rather than summarize everything and leave out interesting details I decided to post the entire interview in Q&A format so nothing gets omitted. Enjoy!

Where were you born? Describe your childhood home. After my family came from Cuba they lived in Washington D.C. and that is where I was born. My home was a very loving home and we sure didn’t have much, but you know what? We were so happy and proud to call America home. My father always said, “Son, in this country, if you work hard enough you can attain anything and live your dream.” My parents worked extremely hard for my brother and I. We have always considered ourselves so blessed. My parents brought all of their family members out of Cuba so our home was always filled with a lot of family.

What were some of your first jobs (or just your first job)? I started working when I was eleven delivering the Miami Herald. Then in the summers I also worked with my uncle in his landscape business. It was real hard work, but my inspiration was seeing how hard my parents worked. I wanted to make my own money so I wouldn’t need to burden my folks who were always busting their butts. My dad came here with only the shirt off his back. He worked from day one until he passed away in Nicaragua doing what he loved, running the Perdomo Factory.

Where and when did you serve in the United States military? I proudly served for four years starting in 1983. I was stationed in Great Lakes Illinois, Millington Tennessee and Jacksonville Florida. My folks were so proud of me!

When did you get into the cigar business and what inspired you to do so? Being a fourth generation cigar maker was truly my inspiration. It was my dream to keep up the Perdomo legacy alive. My Grandfather, dad, mom and my wife were my biggest supporters. My mother, God bless her, still works for us today!

Nick Perdomo enjoying one of his fine, Perdomo cigars

What is something you’re really proud of and why? I am proud of so many things. I love my entire workforce here and in Nicaragua. Many of our customers have been with us since I started humbly out of my garage over 20 years ago. I am also so proud of my family. I have been married for 24 years and I have two wonderful children. My son Nicholas just transferred from the University of Alabama (a fantastic school!) and will be now attending the University of Miami and their fine business school this fall. Many of you know my son. He has grown up in the cigar industry his entire life and just loves it!! That kid has spent many summers in Nicaragua learning from seed to smoke under some of the finest cigar makers and tobacco experts in the world, including my late father. My son is extremely knowledgeable and will be another great asset at Perdomo cigars.

Do you have anyone in particular that you admire or feel has inspired you throughout your life? My late father and President Ronald Reagan in that order.

We read that you are a philanthropist who has helped raise millions of dollars for charities, any particular charity you feel connected to the most?

What got you involved in charity work? Anything to do with kids. My wife and I have Co- Chaired several great charities here in Dade County. I am a blessed man and I do this with all of my heart. It is such a reward to me to help people.

What are some goals you’re still trying to accomplish? To continue our worldwide growth. I have been blessed to live the American dream. I worked so hard and with my families support I have lived my dream. I simply love what I do! As many know I started out of a garage and worked seven days a week without a vacation or break for 13 straight years!! I thank GOD for giving me the strength and support and for blessing me with such a great workforce. I could have never done this without them.

What are some of your favorite things to do in your free time? I love to work!! I love cigar making and growing my own tobacco!! I also love to spend time with my family. My hobbies are playing the drums and waterskiing with my kids.

Signed Box of Perdomo cigars

What do you love most about working in the cigar industry? God that is a tough one! I love that we are a completely vertical company that controls everything from growing our tobaccos, box manufacturing, making each and every cigar in our own factory. We also have a first class sales force. I love to do events and meet all of our retailers and all of the cigar smokers out there who have supported the Perdomo family for over 20 years!! I tell you I love it all!!

What are your favorite cigars? Another tough question since I help blend each and every cigar that we produce. I love the Perdomo Edicion de Silvio and I am burning my fingers as we speak with these new awesome Perdomo 20th Anniversaries. I am so proud of that cigar. I am also proud of the consistency, construction and flavor of all Perdomo cigars. And I am proud that we completely absorbed the punitive SCHIP tax and our customers really appreciate our loyalty to them.