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Nimish Desai on the Rocky Patel Super Ligero (Video)

Nimish Desai of Rocky Patel Premium Cigars took a few minutes to talk to us about the company’s 2014 release, the Rocky Patel Super Ligero.

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Hi. My name is Nimish Desai with Rocky Patel Premium Cigars. I’m here to tell you about our new cigar coming out this October called Super Ligero by Rocky Patel.

What’s special about this cigar is the Plasencia family did a cross-breed with two seeds in Costa Rica and wow, this leaf was so flavorful and powerful, and we called that leaf “super ligero.” So, to pay homage to the Plasencia family, we came out with the brand called Super Ligero.

This cigar has got a lot of richness to it, a lot of complexity, a lot of spice to it. Yet it has a hint of sweetness to it. It has a Habano wrapper, a binder from Nicaragua, and the fillers are the Super Ligero leaf from Costa Rica with Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos.

Let me tell you, when you light up this cigar, it’s going to take you to a special place. You’re going to have your favorite cocktail or your coffee, whatever you enjoy, and a Super Ligero, and I promise you, it’s going to make that evening special.