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Non-Alcoholic Cigar Pairings


The Following question was posted on Reddit:

Hey guys, I need some of your expert advice on this matter. So I don’t drink and can’t seem to find anything on what to pair cigars with in terms of non-alcoholic drinks. Do you guys have any opinions on the matter or any pairings that you would like to share?

The Reddit Answers included some of the following:

Coffee, Root Beer, egg nog latte , Non-diet soda, root beer, cream soda, and Mexican Coca-Cola are my favorites. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, energy drinks.

A few years back we published an article on this topic. Our top ten included the following:

#10 – Ginger Ale / Ginger Beer
#9 – Sparkling Water / Club Soda
#8 – Cola / Diet Cola
#7 – Non-Alcoholic Beer
#6 – Arnold Palmer
#5 – Root Beer
#4 – Tea
#3 – Dr. Pepper
#2 – Water
#1 – Coffee

However what’s not on this list is what bugs me personally the most, I found zero instances of lemonade listed anywhere. (Both on Reddit and what we had published here).

There is something to be said about having a summertime cigar with lemonade on the back deck on a warm summer night. Again that’s just my opinion, in reality it’s a highly individual selection in terms of what goes with what.