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Noob Reviews #8: C & C Connecticut

C & C Connecticut 2

Noob Reviews: A new smoker’s guide to the best beginner smokes

Rene Castaneda of Orleans Group recently stopped by BCP and generously left us a C & C sampler pack featuring their take on Connecticut, Maduro, and Corojo wrappers. Keeping my fellow noobs in mind, I reached for the Ecuadorian Connecticut, but made a mental note to try the others in due time. The Connecticut features Dominican Criollo and Corojo Ligero fillers held together by a Dominican Olor binder. They describe it as a smooth and creamy cigar with a medium body.

Construction-wise it was light but tight. The few veins it showed were pronounced and tough. The light brown wrapper had a very fine, fuzzy tooth. Pre-light aromas revealed vanilla, tobacco, and sweet honey, while the cold draw was mostly hearty tobacco with a faint hint of lacquer, taking me back to wood shop for just a moment.

C & C ConnecticutUpon lighting, this cigar started out with some black pepper and wood flavors punctuated by a hot, spicy body. As expected, the intensity died down quickly and revealed leather, with a hint of lacquer up front, giving a bigger picture of the preview I had in the cold draw. On each puff the finish came sharply, but pleasantly, as a mild, soothing wood. The finish is one of the longest and smoothest I’ve encountered yet.

As the smoke progressed, it started to develop a chocolate-earth note while still maintaining its ultra smooth ending. Eventually that finish started to shift more and more towards the front, until it almost completely took over the profile. Even when a stick maintains the same flavors throughout the smoke, I always take a few extra puffs at the end hoping to get just one more flavor to write about. It did not disappoint. Roasted nuts popped up, which was a perfect compliment to the rest of the profile.

C & C have been referring to their smokes as a working man’s cigar. As a former wrench-turner, I’d say they’re dead-on. From the modest band, to the solid construction, to the consistent flavor, and right down to the easygoing price tag, these cigars will fit perfectly into any hardworking, grease-covered, smoke-craving hand.

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