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The FDA Comment Period Has Ended, But We Can Still Speak Out


Many of us pleaded our case to the FDA. We believe that premium cigars should be exempted, and not defined at a minimum of $10 dollars a stick.

Q : Since the FDA closed the comment period, is there anything else someone that enjoys premium cigars can do?

A : Since the FDA did close the comment period, they are required to read all the material involved and then make a judgement based on the feedback they received from the public.  This had a specific time frame that is now over.. That being stated, you can still help by becoming a member of Cigar Rights of America and you can also write to your local congress official. Meaning there are still avenues to express your support.

Q : How long will the FDA take to make a ruling?

A : This will take time.  It’s reasonable to expect a time frame of months , if not longer.  It’s estimated that we will be looking for a time period of at least 6 months just to review the comments.  It’s then predicted it will take about 1 year from when the deeming regulations become public to when the final rule takes effect.

Q : Does this mean that cigars are going to spike in costs now?

A : Nothing really should happen until the FDA makes its ruling.  For now speculation into what will happen is premature until we hear from the FDA.

Q : What were the results of the comment period?

A:  They were substantial,  tens of thousands of Americans voiced their concerns over the $10 dollar minimum purchase price of premium cigars.

The end result is that as someone that enjoys premium cigars,  you should take the additional step of contacting your Congressional representative and also joining the CRA.



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