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Oba Oba by Perdomo (Video)

Our good friend Nick Perdomo talks about our BestCigarPrices exclusive bundled Perdomo cigarOba Oba“:


Hi, Nick Perdomo from Perdomo Cigars. Today I’d like to talk to you about the Oba! Oba! line that Perdomo Cigars manufactures solely for The original founder at had come to our facility in Nicaragua and asked me if we could make a reasonably priced cigar that had a lot of flavor and would be great for the consumer.

And we did it with Oba! Oba! We’re very proud of the brand. The brand comes in two different wrappers. It comes in a natural wrapper and a Maduro wrapper in a bundle format, but be rest assured it’s of utmost quality. And someone who’s looking for a lot of flavor but wants to keep some money in his pocketbook, it’s very reasonably priced, but it’s a fantastic cigar. And it’s been sold for many years at We’re very proud that we could have a joint venture together with this fine company.

So I really recommend the Oba! Oba! line, and I think you’ll all really enjoy it. And, again, just because the prices are extremely reasonable, don’t misunderstand that for any lack of quality. As many of you know, the Perdomo factory only utilizes the very best tobaccos in the world. They’re grown by our family.

So give it a shot, I think you’ll really enjoy it. And the Oba! Oba! line is something that I smoke myself when I’m down at the facilities in Nicaragua. A lot of times in Miami when I get some extra ones. So enjoy them. Thank you.