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Padron Cigars (video)

One of the most celebrated brands in the cigar industry, Padron Cigars are known for producing some of the finest cigars are on the market. Here Jeff Brown, Marketing Director at Best Cigar Prices, tells us about the history of the brand and what makes them so unique.


Hi, my name is Jeff Brown, and I’m the Marketing Director here at Best Cigar Prices. I’m here today to talk to you briefly about Padron Cigars. Padrons were founded in 1964 by Jose Orlando Padron, who still currently has hands on in the factory. The day-to-day operations are being run by his son, George, or Jorge Padron.

The unique thing about Padron Cigars is the fact that each cigar is crafted carefully with tobacco grown in Nicaragua. It’s all Cuban seed, and most Padrons are aged roughly two to two and a half years. That ensures a good quality and consistency in the Padron Cigars.

Padrons have several different brands in their stable, from the 1000 Series to the 1964 Aniversarios, the 1926, and the family reserves. Each Padron cigar is unique in that it offers full flavor, full body with a nice coffee and cacao bean flavor and richness in each one of the cigars that the Padron family makes.

Quality is the big thing with the Padrons. They’re superior quality, a very limited production each year and that means that you get a great smoke each and every time, no matter which Padron you choose. Look for your favorite Padron cigars here at Best Cigar Prices at the most competitive prices on the Internet. You’ll be glad you did.