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Image Cigar Rants

Cigars are a Handmade Rarity in a Mass-Produced World

We enjoyed this great interview of DIY maven Mark Frauenfelder over at Brand X. The DIY-driven editor of Make magazine and founder of the super-popular Boing Boing weblog waxes rhapsodic on the pleasures of creating and using handmade products. His interview is not interesting for cigar smokers just because his blog features amplifiers made from …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Should I leave the band on my cigar?

Ah, it’s the age-old debate over whether to leave the band on or off your cigar when you smoke it. Let’s make this simple: there is no right answer. Or, for the optimist: Either way, it doesn’t really matter. Some people will tell you leaving the band on a fancy cigar will give others the …

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Image News

$3,000 For One Cigar?

Going into a B&M cigar shop always gives me a little shock when I look at the price tags. I know I have a warped view on cigar prices from working for a discount online mail order company, but still, seeing a $15+ tag on a stick that goes for $8 or less from us …

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Image Cigar Rants

Let This Music Relax Your Mind – Pairing Sound & Smoke

One theme behind many of our cigar rants is how drastically set and setting can affect the smoking experience. It always rings true for me, the cigar is obviously the catalyst, but the state of mind achieved at the end of a satisfying smoke goes beyond just burning tobacco. As a fan of a wide …

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Image Cigar 101

Cigar 101: Can I save a cigar that’s too wet or dry?

A cigar is a dead plant. Sorry to dispel the aura of luxury, but it is what it is — a fragile collection of dead leaves bound together. As such, a cigar is incredibly susceptible to changes in moisture levels. When your cigar burns too fast or too slow, it is often due to subtle …

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