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Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro (Video)

New to our shelves here at BCP this week is General Cigar’s highly anticipated follow-up to the Partagas 1845, the Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro.  In this week’s blog video Mark from General breaks down the blend. Check it out:

We currently have Partagas 1845 Extra Oscuro available in all 5 sizes here


Hi, I’m Mark McKevey [SP]. I’m with General Cigar Company. I’m here with Ron at Best Cigar Prices to speak to you about a brand new release that’s coming out in March. We have this new release. It’s called Paratagas 1845 Extra Oscuro. The tobacco’s in there. They’re very rich, very oily, lot of Le Hara tobacco. So it’s going to give you more body. It’s in that medium, full body range, but it’s a sun grown wrapper. It’s grown up in Connecticut. It’s just very full bodied, very rich, a lot of flavor. It has an unbelievable texture on your palate. It has a very, very full body, but at the same time you can taste the complexity of the tobacco.

It’s Dominican, Honduran, Nicaraguan tobaccos. They all come together. The way they marry with that wrapper, it’s something that you’re not going to forget. Once you’ve had it, you’re going to love the cigar, and the cigar is just coming out the first week of March of 2014. It’s just an unbelievable cigar. And as soon as you can, you want to go to Best Cigar Prices. Whether it’s March Madness, you want to get everything together with the guys. You just want to buy a box of cigars. You want to smoke them, enjoy them. You’re going to love them.