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Perdomo Cigars Grand Cru (Video)

In this week’s blog video Nick Perdomo talks about Perdomo Grand Cru Cigars. Check it out:

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Hi, Nick Perdomo from Perdomo Cigars. Today I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the new Perdomo Gran Cru 2006. The Gran Cru 2006 comes in three shapes. It comes in a 5×60, a 6×60, and a 7×60. The demand for big ring gauge cigars is been at its highest ever since I’ve been in the industry, for over 20 years. And this cigar hits it right on the head. Three different wrappers, a Connecticut shade wrapper.

This is a unique cigar because of the big ring gauge. You get a lot of flavor. You’re also able to pick up the creaminess of the Connecticut shade wrapper, so you get the best of both worlds. You get a lot of flavor, and you get a nice light creamy finish.

So these cigars, of course, have a lot of flavor because of the ring gauge, and they’re also very cool because of the large ring gauge. It also comes in a sun grown wrapper which is a Cuban seed wrapper that we grow in Nicaragua on a Perdomo farm or one of our top Perdomo farms for that matter. It also comes in a Maduro wrapper.

The Maduro wrapper is also going to impart a lot of flavor and a lot of spice which works very well in not only the big ring gauge. But because of that big ring gauge you’re getting a lot of ligero, a lot of viso, a lot of seco, which is a lot of powerful rich tobaccos, a lot of medium combustible tobaccos that have a lot of flavor, aroma, and complexity.

Together with a lot of the lighter tobaccos interwoven really produce a lot of flavor in all three formats, whether they be the Connecticut or the sun grown or the Maduro. I’d invite you to enjoy the Gran Cru, Perdomo Gran Cru 2006. I trust that you’ll enjoy them. They’ve been a very big seller for the brand. We’re very proud of it, and they’re available at

Thank you very much.