Secure Your Box of Onyx Vintage Nicaragua Cigars Today

Named after the jet-black gemstone, Onyx cigars are just as dark and rich as you’d expect. The original blend enjoyed rave reviews from critics and casual smokers alike, and the Onyx Bold Nicaragua followed that tradition in 2020. Now there is a new entry in the line: the Onyx Vintage Nicaragua.

The Vintage gets its name from its gorgeous Habano wrapper, which is from a 2019 harvest. This flawless wrapper covers a Nicaraguan binder and several aromatic Nicaraguan fillers. That’s right—the Onyx Vintage is a Nicaraguan puro. It’s even produced in Esteli, where it was blended by none other than the legendary AJ Fernandez.

Onyx Vintage Nicaragua - Single Cigar
Onyx Vintage Nicaragua (Photo Courtesy of Altadis U.S.A.)

As you may be able to tell just by looking at it, the Onyx Vintage is a few shades brighter than its near-black predecessors. What you can’t tell from a picture, though, is how unique it tastes. This blend wasn’t made to be as in-your-face as the Onyx Bold. Instead, the extra-aged wrapper is given room to allow its full flavor profile to develop as it is smoked. That being said, it’s still considered a medium- to full-strength cigar.

While the Onyx Vintage is not technically a limited-edition blend, there is still a finite amount of the 2019 harvest used for its wrapper. Future shipments will use wrapper leaves from different harvests. That means that if you want to try the original Onyx Vintage, complete with the 2019 wrapper leaf, you’ll have to act fast. Pre-orders are now open at Best Cigar Prices for both Magnum and Toro sizes.

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