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Press Release – Two New Cigar Lines From Christian Eiroa

June 17, 2013 (Miami, Fla.) — Along with the opening of the new Aladino Cigar Factory, Christian Eiroa is also releasing two new cigar lines made entirely by the Aladino Factory. EIROA and CLE Plus will be available in late June/early July 2013 and bring something new to the Fabricas Unidas family and to the cigar industry as a whole.
“I am making the introduction of this new factory with two new blends that are representative of my passion for bold and full bodied cigars,” say Eiroa. “These two new Honduran puros deliver strength and flavor like nothing I have ever done before; I believe in them enough to name them after my family and me: The EIROA and the CLE Plus.”


EIROA (Salud, Amor y Pesetas)

It was in the summer of 1916 when Generoso Eiroa got first job as a boat captain for the Cuban Land and Leaf Tobacco Company that the Eiroa family began a tradition that would extend into it’s fourth generation. The EIROA cigar brand is homage to this heritage that has been 100 years in the making.
The EIROA cigars come packed in 10 count boxes held together by a leather ribbon. This ribbon is representative of the way Christian’s grandfather, Generoso stored his cigars in a trunk that he kept at the foot of his bed. Each box and cigar has a very old Spanish saying: “Salud, Amor y Pesetas” which is meant to celebrate what the old Gallegos felt was the key to happiness: “Health, Love and Money.” The only missing ingredient in their formula is “y Tiempo Para Disfrutarlos – and Time to Enjoy Them.”
The production will be about 2,000 cigars per day in four sizes, 48 x 4 Prensado, 50 x 5, 54 x 6 and 60 x 6. The cigars will be in ten count boxes, with an MSRP of $8.95 to $10.95 per cigar.


CLE Plus

The CLE line is also getting a new member to its family, the CLE Plus. This is the full body CLE Corojo cigar the market has been asking for. We have increased the blends to deliver a cigar that will make you feel completely satisfied.
The production will be about 1,000 cigars per day in four sizes, 48 x 4, 50 x 5, 54 x 6 and 60 x 6. The cigars will be in ten count boxes, with an MSRP of $6.95 to $9.95 per cigar.