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Product Spotlight – God of Fire Cigars

God of Fire Cigars are not to be missed. Since 2004, these special limited release cigars are blended by Carlos Fuente Sr.God of Fire Cigars and his son Carlito Fuente once a year for the company Prometheus. Carlos Fuente Sr. rolls his cigars with Ecuadorian Sumatra wrappers and Carlitos Fuente uses Cameroon wrappers.

Every God of Fire cigar comes with two bands. The main band shows Prometheus, the God of Fire, bound to a rock and being attacked by an eagle. As the myth goes, Prometheus was punished after he stole fire from Zeus and gave it to mankind.  The second band indicates who blended the cigar and the year it was made. This is to allow the smoker to know the exact age of the cigar.

One of the elements that make God of Fire cigars so coveted is the aging process that each cigar goes through.  “After the harvest, the fresh green tobacco is hung in curing barns where their moisture is allowed to evaporate slowly. After over 6 weeks in the curing barn, the leaves gradually turn to a beautiful, rich shade of brown. The cured tobacco leaves are then fermented – after which they are aged for years before the Fuentes consider them ready for their finest cigars. Even though the cigars are made with aged tobacco, they have to be aged again after skilled torcedors rolled them.” (Journey to Chateau de la Fuente)

These legendary cigar makers ensure that the filler, binder, and wrapper blend together in perfect harmony. Order one to smoke and one to age even further in your humidor.

We currently have the 2010, 2011, and 2012 God of Fire Cigar editions in stock.