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PSA : Get Best Cigar Coupons and Deals via Text Message

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Typically we like discussing interesting cigar topics such as the History of Cigar Bands or A discussion / debate between Digital or Analog Hygrometers and my personal favorite why are cigars related to wealth?

But in this case I wanted to point out that Best Cigar Prices has a fairly unique service that goes out only once or twice a month. You won’t get many messages from us via text because it’s only reserved for highly exclusive coupons and deals. So you’ll find some of the best deals possible with but with a level of rarity since they are delivered only once or twice a month and only to the individuals that signed up for the text list.

Text CIGAR to 31996

This will sign you up for the exclusive deals, it’s a fairly simple process. Roughly once or twice a month you’ll find special deals that are not found anywhere else on our site or even via e-mail. These are for the most part top secret deals and super top secret coupons!

We want to stress that you are not going to get more than 1 or 2 messages per month and these specific notes will include incredible deals.

Conversely you can literally just scan QR code and it will do most of the footwork for you automatically.

text cigar

Enjoy the deals!