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Punch Rare Corojo Returns! (Video)

In our latest video, Mark from General Cigar talks about the return of Punch cigar‘s annually released Rare Corojo and the new Salomones vitola for 2014. Check it out:

We currently have Punch Rare Corojo in stock in all sizes. These stogies are notorious for selling out fast, get yours before they disappear.


Hi, I’m Mark McKevey [SP]. I’m with General Cigar Company. I’m here at Best Cigar Prices with Ron. I want to tell you about a cigar, and I want to say, yes, they’re back. Best Cigar Prices, if you go to their website, they were out of them from January and February. They were out of all the Punch Rare Corojo. But now they’re back.

It’s a seasonal release. It’s only going to be out for a few months, and the greatest thing about this seasonal release is they’ve just come out with a new cigar, the Salomone. The Salomone, it’s a very, very rich, very flavorful Figuerono. It’s seven and a quarter inches long. It’s a 54. It’s a beautiful taper. It’s like an aristocrat. It’s that old Cuban manufacturing shape.  It is a phenomenal cigar.

So run to Best Cigar Prices because the Salomone is a very, very limited seasonal release. And there aren’t that many of them out there. When they’re gone, they’re gone for good. So run out there now and get one at Best Cigar Prices before you only have heard about it and you never were even able to see it.