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Pura Soul: Honduras (Video)

Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars introduces the second release from his Pura Soul Cigar brand, Pura Soul Honduras:

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Hello, my name is Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars. I want to tell you a little bit about my newest blend. It’s Pura Soul Honduran. It was released in July of this year. It’s my second blend that I’m very proud to offer to all the smokers in this country. It’s a full-flavored, full- bodied Hungarian cigar that embodies the same taste profile that I will always offer my smokers. That is one that has full flavor, very complex multiple and is well balanced.

I think and believe that a good cigar should have multiple flavors that makes smoking very interesting. It will develop and take you on a journey. However, this cigar will make you feel a bit of the nicotine. It’s a very soothing effect more so than the Nicaraguan. Not only will your pallet enjoy the experience but you will also feel a sense of calm. That’s part of the experience that this new Honduran cigar offers. Give it a try. It’s available at Best Cigar Prices.