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Pura Soul: Nicaraguan (video)

Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars speaks about the first blend from Pura Soul Cigars, the Nicaraguan blend.


My name is Robert Wright of Pura Soul Cigars. I just want to tell you a little bit about my first blend.

It’s a Nicaraguan cigar. It’s blended to be very, very flavorful. I consider it to be full-flavored, very complex, and well balanced. To me, those three ingredients embody what I think a good cigar should be.

The concept of Pura Soul Cigars is a cigar that you can smoke any time of the day and enjoy it just as well as whether it’s in the early afternoon or after dinner. It’s medium body. The taste profile is sort of sweet, spicy, and it has a very creamy finish in the palate. I like a very creamy finish because it has a little acidic quality to it that makes you salivate. It leaves a very nice, clean aftertaste. It has a nice aroma.

I blended it to be . . . I selected the blend. I’m not a blender, let’s get that right, to be medium body so that all smokers can enjoy it and not be intimidated by the strength profile of it, but it is full-flavored. I take a lot of pride in flavor.

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