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Quesada Heisenberg Cigar Project (Video)

Terrence from SAG Imports talked to us during the 2013 IPCPR Trade Show about the Heisenberg Project from Quesada. The Cigar is blend that is somewhat classified, however that is the allure of the Heisenberg Project cigar line.


Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist. In 1927 he published his uncertainty principle, upon which he built his philosophy and for which he is best known for. Basically if you know X you cannot know Y. In this case, the Quesada Cigar Heisenberg Project stresses that if you know the blend, you’ll be expecting a specific taste. By not knowing the Cigar Blend, you’ll be able to better judge the overall quality and taste of the cigar.

In other words enjoy the cigar and stop worrying what the blend is, country of origin and typical information that many cigar makers include with their cigars. Try the Quesada Heisenberg Cigar Project yourself

They named a cigar after me!
They named a cigar after me!