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Quesadas Release Mysterious Heisenberg Cigar

All too often we over analyze our cigars and knit pick over what’s in them, where they were made and who made them. If you’re constantly over-analyzing your smoke rather than enjoying it there’s a good chance you are missing out on some awesome stogies out there.

Because of this the Quesada family decided to release the Heisenberg brand, a new line of stogies whose details will be withheld. Named after Werner Heisenberg, the man who developed a quantum mechanics theory called the Uncertainty Principle, the Heisenberg line intends on letting cigar aficionados enjoy a cigar without all of the nitpicking.

“How often do we spend our time analyzing every flavor and nuance rather than simply enjoying it in the moment?” Terence Reilly of Fonseca cigars asked Cigar Aficionado. “We will not be releasing any information on the Heisenberg blend, number of cigars made or description of strength or flavor. We want aficionados to smoke the Heisenberg with as few preconceived notions as possible. “

Quesada is not saying where the cigar is made or what’s in it but they did say what the sizes will be. The Heisenberg will come in four sizes: Robusto 5 x 48, Corona 4 ¾ x 40, Petit 4 x 43 and Corneta Cuadrada (bugle-shaped) 5 ¼ that tapers out to a 55 ring. These mysterious stogies will be released in February and will retail between $4.50 and $6.75.

Quesada recently released a statement on the Heisenberg project that said: “How often do we pass on an opportunity to experience a new cigar because it’s not from a certain country, factory, or made from certain tobaccos? We know this is an unusual way to release a cigar. We don’t know how it will turn out. All we can do is “Embrace Uncertainty,” and we are asking you to do the same.”

We’re excited to see what these cigars are all about and look forward to trying them! In the mean time we’ll just have to satisfy our cravings with some other premium stogies from Quesada.